Although the game of chess enjoys quite a long tradition in Singapore, nowadays one would be hard pressed to find any attractive forum to feature the wealth of ideas, happenings, games & the inter-action of Singapore’s best chess minds on and off the board in local or regional events. The Singapore Chess Federation, the official body regulating the local chess life, used to publish a monthly digest between the early 1960s and late 1990s. Eventually the publication died. A similar project was never attempted on big scale ever since. Some private companies (chess services providers) attempted to publish hard-copy journals chronicling the local chess life – especially at junior level – but such initiatives proved short-lived as well. Similarily,  a Singapore-based chess column in a mainstream newspaper (even just an online edition) and in a iptv box seems an un-appealing project for local editors.
Thus, in these late 2000s when quality-based information is both a source of power and entertainment, the Singapore chess life remains unchronicled. Naturally, there are a few basic web-sources for information (such as SCF’s, reviews of usb rechargeable flashlight site, a few private blogs rather seldom updated, and the websites of a couple of chess providers advertising their services and structuring the message for a pure commercial purpose). But they come no way near the high standards of altruistic chess reporting at work in other places. Chess “addicts” need annotated games, in-depth reports and personal stories, telling illustrations and videos, news delivered promptly without any special agenda other than entertaining and featuring the excitement of chess happenings.
Our independent web-journal, somewhat perhaps ambitiously headlined S’pore Chess News (SCN) and brightest law enforcement flashlight news, is born out of the desire to fill such a gap. It is our purpose to bring together as leading contributors some of the best chess minds active on the local scene (from gifted juniors to seasoned adult players and teachers) in an effort to provide all chess-loving people with a new platform where they can regularly find enjoyable info, games, reports and bits of local/regional chess knowledge (past and present).
Join us in our adventure to capture some doze of the lively chess present we’re living in and immortalize it for the next generation.
Olimpiu G. Urcan
SCN Editor & Publisher
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Editorial note:
[August 10, 2010]
Due to an increasing number of erroneous statements manifest in various enquiries, SCN editors feel the need to re-state the following: SCN is not sponsored, connected or sustained financially (or otherwise) by any other chess organization in Singapore (chess clubs, SCF, other associations, etc). SCN is the brainchild of Olimpiu G. Urcan and it is a self-sustained independent web-journal published on the Internet and drawing on the work of several leading local chess contributors.