Our team of contributors include some of the local top chess players. There are three categories of contributors (according to their dedication and time availability): Senior Contributors – from which readers may expect regular items; Regular Contributors – periodical input and expert assistance; Guest Writers – writers featured occasionally due to outstanding contributions to the standards of local chess reporting.


International Master Goh Wei Ming
Senior Contributor & Editorial Assistant
One of the genuine local talents, IM Goh Wei Ming won the Bronze medals in 23rd South East Asian Games, Manila Philipines (Standard Chess Individuals, Team Rapid). During the 22nd South East Asian Games (Ho Chi Minh Vietnam), he took home the Bronze medal (Team Rapid). Weiming was part of the Singapore national team in the 2004, 2006, 2008 World Chess Olympiads. A four-time National Champion in Standard chess (2006-2009), two-time National Champion in Rapid Chess (2000,2005), and two-time National Champion in Blitz Chess (1999,2006), Wei Ming is an outstanding chess athlete. He was awarded with the Nanyang Technological University Sportsman of the Year 2006 Award. Besides his career as a player, Weiming exhibited chess writing skills with several occasions: his output appeared published inNew in Chess Yearbook and he authored a regular chess theory column at ChessPublishing.comheavily praised by leading authorities in the field.


International Master-elect Timothy Chan
Leading Contributor
The 17-year-old Singaporean has an impressive resume: National Blitz Champion (2008) and runner-up in National Blitz Championships (2010); current National Rapid Chess Champion (2010). In less than two years, Timothy achieved a remarkable feat: two International Master norms (one during the Zonal 3.3a in 2009 and the second one a 20-game norm in Khanty Mansiysk 2010). He has represented Singapore in the 38th and 39th Chess Olympiads.
International Master Daniel Howard Fernandez
Leading Contributor

IM Daniel Fernandez (Current Elo rating 2351) is one of Singapore’s better junior players who has already been interviewed on this site. In days gone by, he was: a National Age Group Champion (2004), runner-up in Britain’s U11 Championships and outright winner of the U10 Championships (2004), an ASEAN U-10 Champion (2005), a U-2300 special prize winner in the Lasker’s Memorial (2007), 3rd in the National Championships (2008), 4th in the National Championships (2010), 4th in the Sydney Open (2010). He looks forward to serving the chess community with his brief but wide experience. He is considering, among other things, beginning an “Opening of the Week” column where readers can view serious, in-depth opening analysis. For inquiries, queries or questions directed to him,
feel free to contact Daniel at mathsproblemo@gmail.com.


Woman FIDE Master Jeslin Tay
Regular Contributor
WFM Jeslin Tay represented Singapore at the 22nd and 23rd SEA Games and was a Bronze medalist at the 22nd SEA Games (Rapid Chess). She also played in the Singapore Men’s Olympic Team at 37th Chess Olympiad held in Turin (Italy) in 2006. Jeslin was National Women’s Chess Champion in 2004 and 2006. In 2009, Jeslin became the first Singapore lady to achieve a Woman International Master norm. 
Woman FIDE Master Liu Yang
Regular Contributor

WFM Liu Yang was National Women’s Champion in 2003. In 2004, 2006 and 2008 she won the gold medal in the National Schools Individual Championships (Girls-U20).  In 2005 she became a Woman FIDE Master as a result of excellent play in the Zone 3.3. Women’s Championships. In 2005, she was a gold medalist at Asian Schools Chess Championship (Team, Girls-U15). Between 2005 and 2007, Liu Yang was three-time National Women’s Champion in the National Rapid Chess Championships. In 2007, she won the individual bronze (Standard Chess) and silver (Blitz Chess) at 8th ASEAN Age-Group Championship (Girls-U18). Liu Yang represented Singapore at 34th Chess Olympiad (Turkey, 2000), 35th Chess Olympiad (Slovenia, 2002), World Youth Chess Championships (Greece, 2002, 2004) and at 23rd Asian Games (Philippines, 2005).
Image result for Irene Kharisma Sukandar
Woman Grandmaster Irene Kharisma Sukandar
Leading Contributor & Senior Correspondent (Indonesia)
WGM Irene Kharisma Sukandar hardly needs an introduction to our Singapore readers. The wonder-girl of Indonesian chess has been interviewed by SCN as early as the web-journal launched. A model of competitive performance at highest level but also a role-model for young and aspiring girl players in Asia, Irene remains one of the most feared young chess masters in S-E Asia with a lot of potential still to be unleashed.
Guest Writers
SCN also has the support of several notable chess writers who often contribute articles as guest writers:
ICCF IM Junior Tay

An experienced chess journalist and theoretician, Junior Tay is a Correspondence Chess International Master. He has contributed articles and surveys to NIC Yearbook and has previously edited several chess publications. Read Junior’s reports here.
IM Ashot Nadanian

A highly original chess thinker, International Master Nadanian has contributed articles to NIC Yearbook and many other world leading publications. Nadanian invented a new opening variation in Grunfeld Defense (The Nadanian Variation). Of Armenian origins, he lives in Singapore for quite a number of years now. Look out for his original contributions.